Network for Human and Social Development (NHSD) is a national organization working for vulnerability reduction of communities and the institutions in Pakistan. It is a bridge between Social and Humanitarian development, a think tank in support of the national disaster risk management programmes in the country and the promotion of disaster risk reduction research and learning through both traditional and scientific education. We focus on capacity building, social mobilization, and empowerment of organizations and communities for the betterment of Pakistan.

It is a non‐profit institution in Pakistan for building capacity of the institutions/communities according to national and international standard to bring together local and international practitioners, professional and researcher of diverse background to pool their expertise and experience in response to high demand for 21st century.


NHSD is also a training centre, with an accompanying careers advisory service. It aims to increase the efficiency of humanitarian aid and development programmes through training personnel to act professionally and with commitment. NHSD training expertise focused to support partners on Disaster Risk Management, Environmental Protection & Climate Change, Women Protection/Empowerment, Maternal & Neonatal Care, Health & Hygiene and Water & Sanitation issues through in‐house and community based arrangements.

Areas of Interest

• Disaster Management
• Environmental Protection
• Women Protection / Empowerment
• Health & Education Development


  1. Economic Empowerment for better lives of women in Khukhriala
  2. Vocational Training of 120 women Economic Empowerment and Income Generation through Market Linkages
  3. Distribution of quilts in village Resham, Chitral
  4. 500 Razais and Chitais were distributed to the affects
  5. Health response and distribution of kits Central Kurram FATA
  6. Upgradation of Naseerullah Khan Babar Hospital
  7. Baseline Survey for Resilient Communities of Punjab and Sindh
  8. Celebration of Mothers day and NBP Women Empowerment Expo.

C) Upgradation of Mother and Child Health Care Centre Tarnawa,

District Haripur (KPK) Under the Small Grant Ambassador Fund Program USAID Past Project:

a) Game Development (Related to DRR) for Oxfam Novib

  • Disaster Cycle Game
  • Game related to Basic Concepts of DRR
  • Village Model
  • Disaster Planning Game

b) Manual Development for Save the Children

  • Manual for Disaster Risk Reduction specially Fire prevention, Earthquake& Flood

c) Baseline Survey of Nowshera with KDF:

NHSD has done the base line survey in district Nowshera with Karwan Development
Foundation (KDF). NHSD’s surveys team has visited individual households and interacted
directly with peoples and population families in order to reflect on their needs in a
participatory way; these interactions provided an opportunity to the NHSD team to
understand and reflect on the vulnerabilities of these households but in fact they also
managed to conduct informal counseling sessions to ease their immediate tensions and
frustrations. They developed a feeling that somebody is there who are thinking about them and their care.

d) Baseline Survey of Violence against Women with UN‐Women

NHSD successfully completed the survey of violence against women with the cooperation of UN‐Women. We visited different sites of Islamabad and take different views of people. We had also done awareness campaign for the rights of the women because it is essential that more and more people should be aware of all issues so that we can fight against them as a united n a t i o n . This campaign is collecting 1 million signatures of men and
women supporting action against violence against women.

e) Women’s Day 8th March

Network for Human and Social Development celebrated “International Women Day” in
collaboration with Motorway Police on 8th March 2012 at PNCA Islamabad. This event was included one week awareness campaign from 1st to 7th March 2012, Expo, Exhibition of Pictures, Posters and Fashion Show.

f) Women Empowerment

We were building Capacity of women through technical education and helped the women who were working in cottage industry and provided different opportunities to sale their products. We organized many events like exhibition in Lock Virsa, Celebration Independent day and exhibition in Islamabad Hotel and selled out their products. We are also providing Vocational Training in our head office Multan to give them opportunities to sell their products to generate fund.

  1. g) Advocacy Campaign for clean, green and peaceful Pakistan

The project or clean, green and peaceful Pakistan setting a Guinness world record in one

day plantation, won the world record by planting maximum number of trees in Keti Bundar, Sindh. This event was managed by Network for Human and Social Development (NHSD) in Jul 2009.

  1. h) Advocacy Campaign for environmental protection, Dec 2009

NHSD had provided awareness on Fire Prevention, First Aid, Trauma Management, Safety and Security to more than 3000 volunteers from schools, colleges, universities, public building and other organizations from public and private sectors. NHSD had completed this campaign with the collaboration of CDA and Muslim Aid.

Training and Capacity Building:

Our training expertise is focused on community mobilization and organizational

strengthening through capacity building. NHSD is giving training on Disaster Risk

Management, Community Based Disaster Risk Management, Fire Prevention, Safety

& Security, First Aid, Trauma Management, Search and Rescue. We also provide

training in Organizational capacity building which includes:

  • Proposal / Report Writing
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Project Management

Event Organized and Managed:

NHSD celebrated World Health Day on 7th April 2013 at Islamabad Club.

Seminar on “Prevention of Hypertension, Osteoporosis and Diabetes” and exhibition were also the part of the event Exhibition of IEC, Promotional Materials, Publications, Videos, Audios and Innovative Initiative Conference, Musical show, was organized by National Disaster Management Authority. Event was organized by Network for Human and Social Development (NHSD) on 28th & 29th January 2013 at Islamabad Hotel‐Islamabad. Musical Show as part of Exhibition of Promotional Materials

National Disaster Management Exhibition and Conference was organized by SZABIST University and Network for Human and Social Development (NHSD) on 11th & 12th Oct 2012 at SZABIST University Islamabad.

 In cohesion to the International Women’s Day NHSD celebrated a solidarity week from 1st to 8th March 2012 in Islamabad.

 Celebration Mothers Day and International Red Cross Day in Lok Virsa Islamabad from 7th to 9th May 2011

Celebration Solidarity with Japan as part of Pakistan Day on 23rd March 2011 in Japanese Park Islamabad.

Exhibition in Islamabad Hotel:

Exhibition Conducted by Network for Human and Social Development on 6th October 2009 at Islamabad Hotel. 18 National and International organizations displayed their stalls.

World Forest Day Celebration

Celebration of World Forest Day as a part of Year of Environment 2009 activities was

organized by NHSD with the collaboration of Ministry of Environment and Pakistan

Wetlands Program on 21st March 2009 at Fatima Jinnah Park F‐9 Islamabad. Free trees

were distributed among local communities of Islamabad.

Earth Day Celebration

Celebration of Earth Day as a part of Year of Environment 2009 activities was organized by Network for Human and Social Development, SARG and Ministry of Environment on 22nd April 2009 at Pak Palace Hotel Islamabad. This event was envisioned by Mr. Kamran Lashari Secretary of Ministry of Environment.

Guinness Book of World Record

This event celebrated on 15th July 2009. Ministry of Environment conducted this event and Network for Human and Social Development was the event manager. National Bank of Pakistan was the sole sponsor of the event. 5.9 lack trees planted in 12 hours in Kathi Bandar Thata Sindh and won Guinness Book of World Record.

Celebration of Independence Day:

NHSD organized Pakistan Independence Day Festival on 14th‐15th August 2008 at Lok Virsa Islamabad.14 stalls were displayed on that occasion in which entrepreneurs women’s were given opportunity to sell their products to generate fund.

National Disaster Exhibition and Conference

National Disaster Management Exhibition and Conference was organized by Emergency and Disaster Management Directorate (CDA) and Network for Human and Social Development (NHSD) on 8th – 10th Oct 2010 at Convention Centre Islamabad.

Conference on Disaster Risk Management:

Conference on Disaster Risk Management was conducted by Network for Human and Social Development as a part of Disaster Awareness Week in Islamabad Hotel on 6th October 2009. A large number of people from National and International organization ware participated. This event was sponsored by Zong Mobile Company.

Disaster Awareness Week

A Seminar on Disaster preparedness and Response capabilities was also organized by NHSD and South Asian Resources Group, on 16‐12‐2008 at Convention Center Islamabad.

Organization Capacity:

(a) Danish Red Cross PRCS:

Training on “Light Search and Rescue” for Community Emergency Response Team in District Muzaffarabad and Bagh from 16th Jun to 6th July 2012 and State Level Advanced Search and Rescue Training from 9th to 15th October 2012 was conducted by PRCS (Danish Red Cross) . This training was facilitated by NHSD. Light Search and Rescue Training for Community Emergency Response Team  State Level Advanced Search and Rescue Training Muzaffarabad AJK

 (b) Actionaid:

Training on “Community Based Disaster Risk Management, First Aid, Trauma Management and Search & Rescue from November to December 2011” was conducted by Actionaid for their office staffs in Karachi and Abbottabad. This training was facilitated by NHSD.

Training on Swimming Technique:

 (c) Malteser International

Public Health for Emergency Preparedness and Response (PHEPR) Trainings with Malteser International Jan to June 2011 A series of trainings provided for EDO Health Officers, EDO Health LHW Team, Social Welfare Officers, Hospital Staff and Community in District Swat KPK, provided knowledge and understanding on Disaster Risk Reduction, CBDRM, Advance Health Oriented Training, Basic Health Trainings which was extensively covered natural and manmade, Disaster mitigation in a hospital setting.

(d) Merlin International

Training for Merlin International on Mother and Child Health for Medical Doctors, Nurses and Lady Health Visitors on Feb 2011 in District Swat

(e) Intercooperation a Swiss funded organization:

Climate Change and Disaster Risks Reduction Trainings for the Community of Rural Areas of KPK from Jan 2010 to July 2010 with Intercooperation Community Training in Village Shishi Kuh, District Chitral Chitral Community Training in Village Barir, District Chitral Chitral. Community Training in Village Karak and D.I Khan

 (f) HAASHAR Association:

Conducted Training on Disaster Risk Reduction, Search & Rescue, Fire Prevention, First Aid and Trauma for the community both Male and Female in four Union Councils of Mansehra. Training on Search and Rescue Training on Fire Prevention:

(f) Secours Islamique FRANCE Organization:

Training on First Aid and Trauma Management for their staff in Islamabad

(g) SGS Karachi

Security Management for Counter Terrorism, Emergency Evacuation Planning, First Aid

and Trauma Management Training on January 2010

(h) HAASHAR Association:

Three days advanced training in Gender Mainstreaming February 2010

(i) National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) Karachi:

Five Days Provincial training course on “Disaster Risk Management” March 2010

 (j) Malteser International:

Training Course in Maternal and Child Health for Nurses and lady Health Visitors in Abbottabad on April 2010.

(k) HASHAR Association Mansehra:

Training Workshop on “Community Facilitators in Disaster Risk Management” June 2010.

 (l) National Bank of Karachi Pakistan:

Training Workshop on “Fire Prevention, Safety & Security, First Aid, Trauma  Management and Emergency Evacuation” for their staff, June 2010

(m) Habib Bank Limited Karachi

Training Workshop on “First Aid and Trauma Management” for their staff, June 2010

Centre for Human & Social Development NHSD


(n) Help Age International in Noushera

Training on “First Aid, Fire Prevention, Safety and Security” for their staff,Nov 2010

 (o) Sungi Development Abbottabad:

Six Days Training on “Search and Rescue” for the community of three Union Council of

District Abbottabad, December 2010.

 (p) US Aid (PAIMAN) Islamabad

Training on Safety & Security Management and Fire Prevention for their staff, June 2009.

 (q) GTZ in Mansehra

Training on Disaster Risk Management System in Pakistan, First Aid and Trauma Management, for their staff October 2009

 (r) Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

Training for on Fire Prevention and Modern day Safety and Security August 2008

 (s) Malteser International Muzaffarabad and Bagh (Ajk):

Training on First Aid and Search and Rescue November 20008

 (t) Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) Islamabad:

Training on Chamber of Commerce and Industry November 2008

 (u) International Labor Organization (Pakistan) Islamabad:

Training on Fire Prevention and Safety and Security December 2008

 (v) Merlin‐Pakistan (Muzaffarabad):

Training on Search and Rescue, Disaster Management and Risk Reduction, and Emergency Medical Response to Disasters, December 2008.

 (w) Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) Islamabad

Training on Safety and Security & Fire Hazards December 2008 Workshops/Conference Conducted:

The following workshops were conducted by Network for Human and Social Development:

A 2‐Days Exhibition and National Conference on “Disaster Risk Management” was organized at SZABIST Islamabad Campus with the collaboration of SZABIST on 11th & 12th October 2012.

Workshop on Counter Terrorism, Emergency Evacuation Plan and Drill in Pak Palace Hotel Islamabad on 7th Jan 2010.

Workshop on “Threat Assessment, Counter Terrorism, First Aid, Trauma Management, Fire Prevention and Emergency Evacuation” on 10th Feb 2010 at Pak Palace Hotel Islamabad Centre for Human & Social Development NHSD www.nhsd-pak.org Management” on 13th May 2010 at Adventure Inn Hotel Islamabad Workshop on Security Issues in Green Supply Chain Management on 4th‐5th March 2009 at CASE in Islamabad Workshop on Security and Security and Fire Prevention on 25th April 2009 at Pak Palace Hotel Islamabad.

Workshop on First Aid and Fire Prevention on 2nd June 2009 at Pak Palace Hotel Islamabad.

Workshop on Emergency Response Planning Counter Terrorism and Policing on 6th October 2009 at Islamabad Hotel

Workshop on Safety and Security Management and Fire Prevention on 18th Ap r i l

2009 at Regent Plaza Hotel, Karachi

Completed Projects:

(i) Mobile Health Clinic for Flood Affected Communities Muzzafargarh a Project of Hashoo Foundation from Sep 2010 to Dec 2010 Project Background: NHSD succussfully completed the Mobile Health Clinic facility project in flood affected village Kot Addu, District Muzaffargarh. We were visited different villages with fully equipped ambulance on a dailly basis and were helped flood affected patients including pregnant women, little children, infants and old people. A total of more than 100 patients were examined by our Doctor and LHV’s daily.

(ii) Project Title: Distribution items for Flood Affected people in village Kot Addu, District Muzzafarghar Project of King Abdullah Relief Camp for Pakistani People.

Project Backgound: Due to floods a large number of people were facing mass displacement from their residential areas. In view of their situation, a Relief Camp established for distribution daily uses items to flood affected people of District Muzaffarghar by NHSD. Blankets and Food packet were distributed to many families. Centre for Human & Social Development NHSD


(iii) Project Title: Food Distribution in Earthquake Affected People of AJK Project Backgound: Muzaffarabad (AJK) the hardest hit area, Earthquake left nothing and the village turns into the plain land. Like other NGOs “Network for Human and Social Development (NHSD)” helped the earthquake victims of Muzaffarabad AJK.

NHSD established a relief camp for the affectees here in Islamabad and collected different daily uses items including foods, blankets, sheets, clothes etc. Many volunteers, students helped NHSD for collecting items and were send 10 loaded tracks to AJK, where the volunteers of NHSD distributed those items amongst the victims.

 (iv) Project Title: Women Empowerment Project Backgound: We were building Capacity of women through technical education and helped the women who were working in cottage industry and provided different opportunities to sale their products. We organized many events like exhibition in Lock Virsa, Celebration Independent day and exhibition in Islamabad Hotel and selled out their products. We are also providing Vocational Training in our head office Multan to give them opportunities to sell their products to generate fund.

(v) Project Title Public Awareness Campaign Conducted: Public Awareness Campaign launched on 4th May 2009 by NHSD with the collaboration of Capital Development Authority (CDA), Civil Defence, South Asian Resource group (sarg) and Muslim Aid to create public awareness in; educational institutions; commercial buildings; high raise buildings and government offices in Islamabad.. This has been be done by providing free trainings in fire‐prevention, safety and security and first aid. Centre for Human & Social Development NHSD www.nhsd-pak.org

 Networking & Connections among Communities and Public Organizations:

NHSD maintains a strong network with a diverse range of stakeholders involved in International humanitarian aid and development. We are an institution that has been recognized for the quality and strong vocational emphasis of all our development courses.

Our course participants and trainee not only benefit from the highest quality of teaching and research, but from the partnerships we’ve built with world‐renowned national and international organizations and NGOs. These partnerships provide us with a platform to develop highly advanced national Centers of Excellence in the areas of health, disaster management, poverty eradication, and water sanitation.

Our strength is our motivation and professionalism, we are committed to bringing about a change through strengthened citizens voice and participation.

We are working all over Pakistan particularly in remote villages of Azad Kashmir, Kohistan, Shangla, Battagram, Abbottabad, Chitral (Kalash Valley), Sindh and in rural Khyber Pukhtunkhwa.